Anonymous asked: To the last anon: Honey, jews weren’t the only victims in the holocaust POC were too. And POC are always left out and forgotten when the holocaust is brought up. They aren’t even acknowledged. What happened in the holocaust was awful to all those involved but think about why white jews are remembered more than POC? Just think about that. Also, oppression against white people is usually done by OTHER white people, POC just don’t have the power to oppress you like that. I’m out.




People always seem to forget that Jews weren’t the only ones.

“Jews had white privilege during the Holocaust.”

Oh, okay.

Goodbye, SJ! I am done with you, Critical Race Theory!

Fucking hell.

I don’t think anyone forgets about the other people who died in the Holocaust. There were 11 million victims. 6 million of those were Jews. The other 5 million, and I admit that I’m not sure how the breakdown goes within that 5 million, were LGBTQ, Roma, socialists and communists, activists (often Catholic clergy), people with disabilities of all stripes (predominantly Down’s and MR), welfare moms, and, of course, people of just about any race that wasn’t “Aryan,” including black people.

(I have to say that I distrust the term people of colour and its acronym POC because it doesn’t really say much about the group it describes. I’m white. Well, actually, I’m not, I’m more pink than anything. But that’s my point: I am, technically, a POC. We are all people of colour. Which is absurd. It’s the same with “African-American,” which lumps together all dark-skinned people based on the fact that they share a continent, which might not even be the case, because sometimes Melanesians and similar people get lumped in there, too.

As my mom said watching a fashion show once, “If you’d say ‘people of colour,’ you’re dangerously close to ‘coloured people.’”)

The reason the Holocaust is a Jewish tragedy first and foremost for two practical reasons:
a) More than half of the victims were Jewish.
b) Those victims constituted more than half of the contemporary Jewish world population. Hell, they ALMOST constitute more than half of the current Jewish world population…

The Nazis destroyed a 2,000-year-old culture of Torah study in Europe overnight. What’s more, they were actively seeking to expunge Jews and Jewishness from the earth.

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